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Business Beginner to Business Winner

I’m starting my first 16-week business accelerator program for 100 students. I will teach you the most important concepts you need to know in order to start and run a successful business with confidence.

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Now is the time to start a business

This program is now 100% FREE

Our world has changed so fast during the past 2.5 years and those who rely on others for their future will have to accept whatever comes. There is an opportunity to step out and build something that puts you in control. There are so many problems to solve now and just providing a solution can make you rich and wealthy.

I have made more money during covid than I’ve ever made.

What you’ll learn

Programs are only as good as what you learn and in this program, you’ll learn alot.

How to increase success and must have principles of entrepreneurs

How to research your market the right way
Planning vs strategy and how to use them to beat your competition
The five parts to every business
Choosing the right problems to solve
How to hack human behavior (yourself, your team, and your target audience)
Getting customers and keeping customers
The 3 ways to grow a business
Avoiding competition all together
Developing products and services that people actually need
The 9 things customers ask themselves before they buy

The customer journey and how to use micro-commitments to get sales

Powerful and effective marketing strategies
Build a business ecosystem

What does a website need to include to be effective

How to turn your website into your cheapest and hardest working employee
Getting traffic and turning prospects into customers
Building a brand and a tribe of loyal customers
Logos, design, and how to choose the right look (way simpler than you think)
How to use social media to positively affect your business (different strategies)
Picking or innovating your business model to stand out
Understanding your target audience and how to market to them
How to use epiphany bridges and logic sequences to persuade anyone
How to develop an effective marketing campaign
Choosing the right marketing stack (the software you’ll need to win)

Building automated systems so you can scale your business

How to use metrics and analytics to make the right decisions

And so much more…

All of the information you'll learn will be organized into easy to understand modules

What this program isn't

I won’t teach you how to get rich quick

I will teach you the important concepts of creating a wealth-generating business. How long it takes you to get rich is up to you.

This isn’t a passive income program

Passive income is a myth in my opinion. Even though I will teach you the principles that will allow you to make money while you’re sleeping by deploying systems, processes, and frameworks…it still will require work and it won’t be passive.

When does it start and how do I join?

It starts on December 1st and it will last 16 weeks

I’ll release pre-recorded 45 minute – 1 hour lessons every week. This way you can view it whenever you want.

We will have a 2-hour Q&A session so we can spend the whole time actually digging into that week’s lessons.

Each Presentation will have its own forum where students can post questions about that lesson. This is a place to post unlimited questions.

Every week I’ll release very short podcast episodes answering even more questions and trying to fill in any more gaps. Each episode will answer one question and will be titled the question so it’s easily searchable.

How much does it cost?

It's 100% FREE

About your expert

My name is Demetrious Reed

If you want to get a taste of what I teach watch this intro to my 13-Step System to Business Success.

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Hi, my name is Demetrious Reed and I’m the founder of The Giant Maker a marketing and branding problem-solving agency. 

39, married, and have 2 daughters 12 and 16

I love Disney World and Universal Studios and my family and I take an annual trip to Flordia to geek out

I’ve been self-employed 8 years in the marketing, branding, and business world

Got my start at Apple as a Business Expert working with businesses, executives, and entrepreneurs helping them solve problems with Apple tech

I also taught workshops at Apple to our business customers

For the past 4 years, I’ve been speaking at local business workshops serving entrepreneurs in our city

I also taught workshops at Apple to our business customers

Other marketing agencies bring me in to consult with their big clients

I own a web hosting company and an app development company besides my agency

I love solving problems and I love frameworks and systems

I love guiding people so they can be the Giant

“To an amateur, there are many possibilities but to an expert, there are but a few”

Join my cohort today…

Leave the rate race and the treadmill that never stops…

Trading time for money is a trap and wealthy people don’t trade their time for money. There is no way to scale because there are only 24 hours in a day. There is a saying that is simple but powerful.

It’s about mindset…

You can’t spend your way to wealth, you can’t save your way to wealth but you can invest your way to wealth.

Invest in yourself today…Join my cohort. We start on December 1st, 2022.

I’ve tried to remove as much risk as possible.

I want to end with two quotes that I live by…

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