Do you want to start a business but are not sure where to start?

The Blueprint Strategy Session is your answer!

It’s a 2-hour session where we uncover the key aspects of your business that will bring you success and we’ll plug them into the proven formula. This can save you time, money, and heartache by just following a roadmap that will help maximize success and minimize risk–all for $250. You’ll also get a comprehensive report at that end that will detail your next steps.

Schedule a FREE 30-minute session first, and if we both determine that it’s a good fit then we can schedule The Blueprint Strategy Session – $250.

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It’s time to start your business now!

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Who is this designed for?

It’s designed for people who have never started a business before or those who need help getting their businesses back on track.

Get unstuck and move forward!

 Starting a business is hard. It’s even harder when you don’t have the right information and tools to help you make important decisions that will affect your success.

It’s hard to know what steps to take first and how to prioritize them all. You might feel like there are just too many things on your plate right now. You may even start doubting yourself because it feels like everything is moving at once without any clear direction or plan in place.

This is not just another generic “start-up” guide full of buzzwords like bootstrap or pivot! It’s real answers from someone who has been there done that (and failed miserably) about how we built our own businesses from scratch without any help from investors or other sources of funding, but also how I’ve helped other people succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors by answering these important questions.

Do you have any of the following questions?

Why should I book a session?

Our Mission

Our mission is to annually help 25,000 people a year become successful entrepreneurs.

Our Method

We demystify the process of starting a business with educational content that is designed to be clear and concise.

Our Motivation

Starting a business is hard. We want to help people avoid the pain of wasting time and money.

Some of the sections included in the business blueprint

The business brain dump

Just get your ideas out

This section is designed to get you to just make a quick sketch of your business, so you can start getting ideas out. The more time and effort put in here will immediately be translated into the following sections.

This section should help kick-start any thoughts that might have been floating around between your ears about how this company would work!

Your Approach

Identify your what, why and how so you stay focused

Your mission is your guiding light, but without a compass you may get lost. The importance of identifying the why behind your mission is imperative to staying true.

The need for self-awareness regarding one’s motivation is a crucial part of being able to hold yourself accountable when things don’t go as planned or desired, which means that it’s important not only at inception but throughout any journey because we can sometimes forget our original intention and/or become disengaged from achieving success if we are unclear about our goal(s).

The Market

Know who you’re competing against and how to win everytime

The first step in figuring out your competitors is to identify who they are. Once you’ve done that, it becomes easier to see what their strengths and weaknesses might be so then you can make decisions on how best to capitalize on those mistakes as well as find things about them which could help propel your company forward more quickly than if you were starting from scratch.

The Brand

Build trust and outdo your competition

What are you? What do you want people to think of when they hear your name or see your logo? This section is all about making a memorable impression on consumers and distinguishing yourself from the competition. Your brand should be built as an extension of who you are, what makes for excellent customer service, why customers love doing business with us- whatever it may be!

Target Audience

Understand your target audience better than your competition

Understanding your target audience is vital for success in marketing because it helps you craft more effective messaging, position products and services the right way, overcome objections to your product or service, and overdeliver on value without fail.

Value Creation

Develop products and services that are irresistible

One of the most important aspects when it comes to marketing is not simply having a product that people want, but making sure you’re giving them what they need. After all, everyone has different tastes and preferences which means there’s no one size fits all for products or services – so how do we make sure our customers get something tailored made just for them? The answer: by discovering their needs in advance. There are a variety of factors that go into play before someone decides whether to buy your offering; namely features vs benefits as well as perceptions about price and quality (among other things).