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Promote Our Free AI Tool & Reap Substantial Rewards!

Welcome to an Partner Program that’s all about your growth and success! Introduce businesses to our Free Brand Maker AI LITE and watch your earnings soar as our automated conversion system seamlessly transitions leads to our premium Giant Maker OS subscriptions.


Giant Maker OS

Maximize Your Earnings with Recurring Commissions

As a Giant Maker affiliate, you’re not just promoting software; you’re offering a transformative business tool. Giant Maker OS is an all-in-one solution for efficiency and growth, making it an essential asset for any business. With pricing tiers tailored to different needs, it’s an easy sell:

And the best part?

You earn a 50% commission on every sale.

Explore our hypothetical scenarios for a snapshot of the lucrative earning potential as a Giant Maker affiliate.


If you add 5 new COLOSSUS Plan subscribers each month

TITAN Strategy

If you add 5 new TITAN Plan subscribers each month

GIANT Strategy

If you add 5 new GIANT Plan subscribers each month

Keep in mind these are illustrative scenarios, not guarantees; your actual earnings will likely vary, influenced by a mix of different plans and outcomes.

What Sets Our Affiliate Program Apart?

1B) Offer Value, Not Just a Product

You’ll promote the Brand Maker AI LITE, a free, cutting-edge AI tool. It’s not just a product, but a solution that genuinely helps businesses grow.

You'll Promote This

1A) Our Trust Offer: The Game-Changer

Our Brand Maker AI LITE is more than just a free tool. It’s a comprehensive AI consultant that provides personalized business strategies. This offer is your key to attracting and adding value to your audience’s business journey.

2) Earn While You Empower

We handle the heavy lifting; you get to focus on empowering businesses. Enjoy the satisfaction of helping others, while also earning through our program.

3) Automated Conversion

Once you bring them to us, our system takes over. Your leads are nurtured and converted, ensuring you get credited for every successful conversion.

4) Lucrative Earnings

For a limited time, we’re offering a staggering 50% recurring commission. Plus, with our 1-year cookie window, you’re rewarded for every sign-up that happens within a year of your referral.

Simple and Rewarding Affiliate Experience

Join Us in Redefining Business Solutions

As a Giant Maker affiliate, you’re not just selling; you’re part of a movement that helps businesses thrive in a competitive world. With our tools and your influence, let’s create success stories together.

Join Us in Redefining Business Solutions

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